Keeping Track of Loved Ones in Senior Living

How Can We Monitor Our Loved Ones In An Senior Living Home?

If your parents or other elderly relatives are making their transition into an senior living facility, the process can be rather difficult for them. It is your duty to support and encourage them if they are to enjoy their stay at the facility. Senior citizens can be reluctant to move into senior living residences due to unfamiliarity with the place and the people. It is also true that they will not settle in right away. However, with your help, support, and encouragement, they can find it easier to adapt to their new residence.

Visit Them and Help in Making Friends and Acquaintances

A good number of senior citizens who enter senior living facilities often display disinterest in their new surroundings. Some just sit around in their rooms all day long without engaging in any social activities. If your parents are not loquacious individuals and need help making friends and acquaintances, or are reluctant to make the first move, you can assist them by talking to other residents, or asking the staff about those who may share similar interests as your loved one and introducing them to each other. Socializing in senior living facilities will help your parents get to know people with whom they can spend time during the day. They can engage in various pastime activities that will help them adapt to their new environment with relative ease.

Check with the Authorities

If you want to ensure that your loved one is properly cared for in an senior living facility, you must talk to the wardens, nurses, and other staff members, and ask them if they have any issues concerning your loved one. Also ask them if your loved one is socializing with the other residents or is just idle and alone all the time. Encourage the staff to help your loved one mingle with others in common areas, and to engage in group activities, as this will help them find a new place they can call home. Likewise, if your loved one is unhappy about something at the facility, you must request the staff to make necessary adjustments.

If your loved one is in regular need of medical attention, and the administration is outside the facility’s jurisdiction, you must drive them to their doctor to ensure that their condition is monitored. The first few weeks can be difficult for your loved one and yourself, but as time passes, you will realize that the move worked out best for both parties.