If you are looking for a place to help care for someone you love, you may be wondering “Well, why Safe Haven?” What sets Safe Haven apart from other senior living options?

High Caregiver/Resident Ratio

Safe Haven maintains a high caregiver to resident ratio. If you are concerned about your loved one needing help and not being able to receive it, you won’t have to. For every six residents, there is one to two caregivers. This allows the caregiver to be more available to the residents and to be able to help in emergency situations more readily.

Attention To Detail

Have you ever heard the saying “The difference between something good and something great is attention to detail?” Well, we take that very seriously at Safe Haven. The staff and residents truly get to know one another, and there is great attention paid to those who need it. For example, the caregiving staff routinely tracks food and water consumed by each resident per shift, and more. This attention to detail enables them to take better care of the residents and to also take action if they notice something to be amiss.

Trained, Caring & Dedicated Staff

What would a personal care home be without great caregivers? Nothing! At Safe Haven, one of the principal qualities that is looked for during the hiring process is someone who has a good heart. The owners value a passion for caring for seniors above all else. Each staff member is trained in house and is required to have either a CNA certification or an MA in caregiving. Training takes place regularly throughout the year so that the staff stays up to date on recent and efficient caregiving skills and techniques.

Age In Place Concept

Safe Haven offers an aging in place concept. Your loved one can come into Safe Haven and age gracefully. This means that as your loved one begins to decline in health, or if there is an incident that causes their caregiving needs to increase, they have the option of remaining at Safe Haven.

Intimate, Small Environment Focused On Care

Safe Haven is a smaller personal care home. We are located in a quiet, residential area. The owners work hard to make each resident feel as though they are home. There are six ADA rooms that are designed to be open and functional. Seniors can enjoy our dining in their own living room and walk just a few steps to relax outside after a nice, home-cooked meal. One of the mantras that the staff lives by is an Italian proverb that reads “Who goes slowly, goes safely and far.” Slow, intentional and focused care is promised to all residents who live at Safe Haven.