Our goal at Safe Haven is to maintain a life for our residents that is active, uplifting and well-rounded. Families who have a loved one at Safe Haven have a peace of mind that their loved one is being taken care of.

Safe Haven is a personal care home that began in the year 2007. The vision for Safe Haven originated when our owners began looking for a place that could help care for their grandmother.

“When my grandmother was diagnosed with dementia, there came a time when we had to seek care for her. It did not take me long to realize all the qualities I did not want to see in a place. As we toured many different facilities, I felt like she didn’t belong in any of them. My family and I could not picture her being in any of those places, and we wanted to create an environment for her and her friends to live comfortably with high quality care. She lived a full and purposeful life, and I wanted that to be reflected in the care that she was going to be receiving.” – Co- Owner, Alla

Family owned and operated, Safe Haven is run by Alla and her family. The Safe Haven staff focuses on healthy and meaningful interactions so that they can provide each resident with the utmost quality care that all people deserve.

Safe Haven has a highly trained and qualified staff. The senior care industry requires that senior living residencies maintain a 1:15 ratio of caregivers to residents during the day and 1:25 at night. Safe Haven is different. At Safe Haven, caregivers work in a 1:6 or 2:6 ratio. This allows each resident to get more personalized attention and better care. The relationships that the staff and residents have is built on loyalty and trust. They pride themselves on being hands on and treating each resident like a family member.

The care that residents receive is modeled after a saying that Alla’s grandmother said often. “Trust is not given, it’s earned and when you love the world, it will love you back.” At Safe Haven, each resident is treated with the same love and respect that families show to one another.