Lifelong Enrichment

At Safe Haven, we take time to practice lifelong enrichment with our residents. Research shows that lifelong environmental enrichment can help to protect the brain. One way to think of it is as exercises for the brain. We utilize the five senses (sensory stimulation) to tap into skills of our residents and to help them explore alternative ways of expressing themselves. Sensory stimulation, along with memory stimulation, can improve communication and their quality of life.

Movement & Touch

Movement and therapeutic touch are important for promoting relaxation, staying flexible and preventing depression. However, without variety and fun, exercises can become boring. At Safe Haven assisted senior living, we strive to make all our many different exercise classes and touch programs enjoyable. We also want to improve our resident’s well being through therapeutic touch programs that stimulate multiple senses.

Creative Opportunities

Everyone can create art. The secret is finding what artistic medium a person is drawn to. At Safe Haven Senior Living, we help you find your inner artist by enabling you to explore a variety of mediums. We provide our residents with safe, practical materials that they can create with. We believe that creativity can lead to beautiful expressions of things residents may no longer be able to communicate “normally”.

Brain Health

Stimulating the brain can involve a plethora of activities. Studies now show that mentally stimulating activities help prevent or possibly slow Alzheimer’s or other dementia-related diseases. One of the most powerful ways to stimulate our brain is through learning. At Safe Haven we foster a culture of learning by encouraging our residents to play games, complete activities that require higher order thinking and explore new skills.

Social Events

Socializing helps prevent isolation and depression. Safe Haven’s staff believes in encouraging socializing on a daily basis. Research shows that when we socialize, we feel more connected to those around us. When this connection is made, it allows our brains to work and form connections between cells, keeping those cells stimulated and less likely to die. Some ways that we help our residents to socialize are by hosting movie nights, ice cream outings, restaurant trips, etc.

Sound & Music

Doctors have stated that because music touches so many parts of the brain, when a person hears the music, it may be reaching parts of the brain not affected by dementia and bringing them to the forefront. Music is one way for someone to feel emotions without having to say any words. This is important for people with dementia because at some point, they may struggle with verbal communication. Music is also universal. It is a way to touch peoples’ hearts and souls. At Safe Haven, we believe that music can lift the spirits of our residents and can transcend time and mental states to bring people together. We do our best to incorporate music as often as possible. Not only does it become a way for our residents to communicate, but it also becomes a way for them to still enjoy certain aspects of life while they reside at Safe Haven.