Getting Admitted Into Senior Living

What Qualifications Are Considered When Applying to Move Into Senior Living?

Senior citizens who wish to move into senior living facilities are admitted only if certain criteria are met. Residents of each apartment or room should accept responsibility for their environment and themselves either independently, or with the help of a family member or caregiver. The facility’s residency requirements must be fulfilled and additional services that are not offered by the residence must be arranged for. Age restrictions do not apply for qualification into an senior living facility, but most residents are usually above 65 years of age.

Functional Criteria

Senior citizens who enter senior living facilities must meet all functional criteria if they wish to stay in such residences. Their mobility care must be discussed before they move into the facility. Residents must inform the staff if they will require motorized scooters, ambulation, wheelchairs, or any other reasonable means of transport. Similarly, family members or caregivers of applicant residents must confirm all the activities that the individual can perform independently and those activities where assistance will be required. Daily tasks such as bathing, dressing, grooming, toileting, etc. are senior. Even meals are provided by senior living facilities, so make sure that you have carefully ticked all the right boxes in the application form.

Senior living facilities must know if a potential resident is under medication, and whether he/she will require assistance with medication administration. The qualifications for residents of senior living facilities will vary from state to state and residence to residence. Family members or caregivers must read through and understand all the regulations of a facility prior to enrollment.

Behavioral Criteria

Residents are expected to exhibit consistently correct behavior when living in a congregation. They must ensure that no risk is posed to other residents’ well-being and safety along with their own. While housekeeping is usually the responsibility of the facility, residents must play their part in keeping their apartments/rooms in order at all times. One of the most concerning criteria established by most American senior living facilities involves smoking. Senior care Atlanta services are ready if you live in the area.

Most residences have locations where residents can smoke. Smoking in ‘no-smoking’ zones is a serious offense in senior living facilities. If your loved one is obsessed with the butt, encourage them to kick it before they make the big move. If they can’t, then make sure that they adhere to the rules and puff only in the designated areas.

Residents must also effectively communicate with the facility’s staff regarding their wants and needs. They must never exhibit verbally or physically abusive behavior to staff, other tenants, or visitors.

If your loved one is able to meet the following criteria with ease, there is little doubt that the residence will welcome them to the facility with arms wide open!