Dealing with the Guilt When Moving Loved Ones into Senior Living

How to Deal with the Guilt When Moving Loved Ones into Senior Living

If you have an elderly loved one who is going to begin a new phase of his/her life in an senior living facility, anxious emotions could well be running rings around the family. In most cases, senior citizens are reluctant to relocate to senior living residences for lack of familiarity with surroundings and people. However, serious consideration will help you realize that their move is for the best, and in times like these, it is only normal for the family members to feel guilt.

Manage Your Emotions

It is very important for you to keep calm and display composure throughout the whole process – right from the time the decision is made until the senior person moves into his/her new residence. There is no doubt that parents and children need each other, but there comes a point in time when both parties will have to get used to living without each other. If you cannot provide your parents or related elderly individuals with the level of care you wish to, senior living facilities can do the job for you. These facilities ensure that your parents or relatives receive the highest quality of care and assistance with anything they may require.

Comfort the Elderly

If your parent is uncertain about how the move is going to pan out, it is your responsibility to assure them that everything will work out just fine. Talk to them about the facility, the kind of services available, and ways in which they can keep themselves entertained at their new residence. You must also encourage them to mingle with the other residents living in the facility, and to make acquaintances and friends. Instead of burying the guilt, you could take alternative measures to compensate for what you believe is not your best moment. Consult the staff working at the facility and find out about the various options available for senior citizens to make their stay a happy one. Providing your loved one with emotional assistance will help you feel better about making the decision to relocate them.

Pay Regular Visits

The best way to show your affection towards your loved one is to visit them as often as you can during the initial stages of their transition. However, it is advised that you don’t pop up every now and then as this will not allow them to independently find other residents to spend time with. You can also bring your children, if any, friends, or other family members who they like spending time with.

Although moving into an senior living facility can be difficult, time heals all wounds. In a matter of months, your guilt will have taken the highway and your loved one will have settled just fine.