Five Activities for Seniors with Dementia

Connecting with others is an essential part of being human – and that remains the same when a person has dementia. We’re frequently asked, “What are good activities for dementia patients?”. There are still many ways you can continue to form connections and strengthen bonds with your loved one during this time.

People with dementia turn to long-term memories of their childhood. Their minds seem only to recall their younger years, and often this is where connections can be made. The next time you visit with your loved one, try one or more of the following activities to create a relationship with them:

Look Through Photo Albums
Find up photo albums with pictures of your loved one’s childhood or young adulthood to connect with old memories. Past periodicals are another excellent option, particularly those that include many photos such as Life or Time magazines.

Make a Playlist
Download songs or set up a radio on Pandora that streams music from their teenage years. Many internet radio stations include everything from classic rock to big band sounds; their favorite music should be easy to find.

Look Through Old Cookbooks
In the past, women spent a lot of their teenage years learning to cook and young adult years cooking for their families. Ask about the origins and different variations used in old family recipes. For even better results, prepare a meal with those old family recipes and reap the rewards with your loved ones.

Enjoy Favorite Treats
Buy some candy or other treats that were common when your loved one was young. Many companies specialize in nostalgic candy where you can buy old favorites.

Visit and Connect with Animals
People who grew up on farms may enjoy an outing to a petting zoo or family farm where they can touch and talk to horses and other farm animals. Ask questions about animals, old pets, or what it was like to grow up on a farm. Recalling old memories on the farm is a meaningful activity to involve grandchildren in since many kids today are not familiar with farms.

Your loved one may seem different than the person you’ve always known, but they still deserve connection and companionship with you. You can strengthen that connection by applying these activities to enhance both of your lives.

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