Settling Into Senior Care

When moving into senior living homes like Safehaven, there are four main steps to outline. These steps overview the major components of what is involved in moving into the care and compassion of a senior living facility. We intend to make the process easier and less complex for both you and your family. Moving for seniors can be a challenge which is why it’s important to have family or friends that support you in the process.

The first step is assessing care options:
This assessment is about knowing what level of care you or your loved one may need. Here at Safehaven we offer Assisted Living services and specialize in Alzheimer’s Care. This senior care is especially essential for those who may have caught the early signs of Alzheimer’s or Dementia and are preparing for the later stages. For more about our services click here.

Second is preparation for the move:
Living in a senior care facility has many long-run benefits that are hard for seniors to see during relocation. It’s important to emphasize the pros while they’re under stress and only thinking about the cons. Before you box things up, a massive help with downsizing is to print out the dimensions of your new home and plan what will fit and what won’t. Make an inventory of all of the items you’re keeping including big furniture pieces.

Next is the physical move:
Avoid the physical and emotional strain on yourself by contacting movers two weeks before you pack up. If you have a layout of your new room, share it with your movers so every item will already be in its place when you get there, only leaving you to hang photos and decorate. The sooner you start organizing and decorating your new space the sooner it will feel like home.

Finally, making a smooth transition into the community:
Important things to remember is that this is your home and everyone wants you to feel welcomed. Adjusting to a new social and cultural environment can be tough. To overcome this start by making yourself familiar with the community pragmatics. Next, walk around the grounds and say hello to everyone to start creating relationships with your neighbors. Attend social outings and participate in group activities, Safehaven has a full calendar of weekly events to make you feel welcomed.

If you are located in the Atlanta and Decatur area and want to learn more about our Assisted Living Care at Safehaven click here.