Preventing Memory Loss for Seniors

Memory loss is one of the scariest parts of Alzheimer’s and dementia, but there is a chance for your memory to improve through everyday activities. More active lifestyles allow your brain to rewire itself continually. Here are the top six activities you can do every day to improve your memory and reduce your risk of memory loss.

  • Reading Regularly
  • Playing Boardgames
  • Playing Musical Instruments
  • Dancing
  • Doing Crossword Puzzles/Sudoku
  • Practice Memory Exercises

These tasks are simple, and almost everyone can do at least one every day to improve memory retention and brain development. The goal is to engage in activities that perform a higher brain function. Simply falling into a routine of watching tv and reheating microwave meals means you’re more likely to suffer from memory loss. If you are more involved in your personal, physical, and social life, you’re more likely to improve your memory.

Here at Safe Haven, we work daily with our residents to improve memory health and cognitive brain function with compassion. To schedule a tour contact us here or call (404) 235-7733.