Downsizing 101: Personalizing Your New Space In Assisted Living

Moving can be a challenge, but it can also be an excellent opportunity to tidy up and get organized. If you’ve lived in a space for 10 or more years, there’s probably more clutter than you realize. Moving into a new place gives you the opportunity to declutter your life and prioritize what’s truly important. Here are a few tips to help get you inspired:

Don’t consider downsizing as getting rid of all of your things. Utilizing old furniture that has been with you through the ages not only saves money but also brings along warmth and hominess to your new place. Instead, it might be time to get rid of any chipped kitchenware, kitchen appliances you no longer use, or old wash towels.

Get Colorful
The way you decorate will set the tone for your new home. The right colors can have a direct connection to your mood.

  • Green promotes health and peace.
  • Blue is a color that can help you feel motivated.
  • Yellow improves your mood and brings you energy.
  • Lavender helps you breathe easy and feel calm.
  • Red makes you feel powerful — and hungry.

Be Creative With Storage
When you’re downsizing, storage becomes essential. Creative storage can mean using under the bed boxes, utilizing shelf space, or buying furniture that doubles as storage like ottomans. If you’re smart with storage, you can clear the clutter from your life which will make it so much easier to find your favorite book, blanket, or a pair of shoes.

Organizing and decorating a new space can leave you feeling rejuvenated, especially after saying goodbye to your old home. Don’t forget to add personal touches and reflections of your personality into your decor. Once you’ve arranged everything, it will make it that much easier to finally sit back and relax as you start a new chapter of your life at Safe Haven Senior Living in Atlanta, Georgia.

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