Atlanta’s Senior Living Facility Goes Green

Safe Haven, Atlanta’s premier luxury senior living home, has joined the eco-friendly movement. Swapping trash cans for recycling bins and trips to the grocery store for trips to our outdoor garden, the residents at Safe Haven – and the environment – couldn’t be happier!

Most of the wood, metal, plastic and minerals consumed in our country are used once and then discarded. This wasteful practice is one of the reasons our forests are shrinking and the climate is changing. Safe Haven is committed to making a difference. The house routinely recycles glass, aluminum, paper and plastic products, doing its part to create a sustainable environment. Given the fact that recycling only one aluminum can saves enough energy to watch three hours of television, we acknowledge that a simple step in our waste disposal process truly does impact the world.

Recycled Goods:
Choosing to buy recycled goods such as toilet paper and paper products is another way that Safe Haven contributes to the green movement. Simply recycling paper instead of making it from scratch creates 74% less air pollution and uses 50% less water. We feel it is important to make every effort possible to protect the air and reduce the consumption of natural resources.

Organic Foods:
Safe Haven is committed to offering its residents the freshest and healthiest foods available and our on-site organic vegetable garden is an important part of that commitment. Research shows that organic foods contain 50% more vitamins and minerals than mass produced food while also eliminating the inorganic fertilizers and pesticides used in conventional agriculture. Eating organic means eating healthy.

In an effort to enrich our vegetable garden and reduce our impact on the ever-dwindling landfill space, Safe Haven uses composting to turn our yard and kitchen wastes into a valuable resource.

Energy Efficiency:
Being energy efficient means using less energy while offering the same level of energy service. At Safe Haven we achieved this balance by utilizing technologies designed to require less energy consumption, such as low energy florescent light bulbs and low-flow toilets. Our light bulbs consume up to 75% less energy and last up to 10 times longer than conventional bulbs and our toilets help reduce water consumption without sacrificing performance.

At Safe Haven we strive to have as little impact on the environment as possible. We are constantly seeking new ways to improve the quality of life of our residents through the use of natural foods and green products. A simple step on our end makes a major difference on the environment. Call (404) 235-7733 today to learn more about Safe Haven!