The High Cost of Elderly Care at Atlanta’s Hospitals, Nursing Homes and Senior Living Communities

The economic facts of life cannot be ignored; hospital care, nursing homes and senior living communities are expensive. Deciding how to best care for an elderly family member that can no longer live alone is one of the most difficult decisions in life, often compounded by the fact that your loved one has suffered a medical crisis and you’re under pressure to make a decision and arrange for care in a short period of time. As you begin researching your options into elderly care in Atlanta, you may realize you don’t like any of them and, even if you did, they’re not worth the price. You want your loved one happy and cared for, not just “dealt with.”

Consider hospital care first. An elderly person emitted to a hospital is treated like a patient, not a person. Once treatment is delivered, your loved one is sent home to make room for the next patient. The only things you and your loved one are left with are instructions for home care, which you may not feel qualified to give, and a whopping medical bill! Hospital care for the elderly in Atlanta is a quick-fix solution focused solely on the management of bodily functions, but you need to find a long-term solution so you look next at nursing homes.

Nursing homes do provide long-term care, but they’re still institutional facilities focused more on clinical care than emotional well-being. Many people are admitted to nursing homes directly from hospitals and the transition can be overwhelming. There is no peace that comes from spending thousands of dollars a month to send your family member to a crowded nursing home where residents often feel lonely and get lost in the shuffle of an institution.

Even large senior-living communities are institutionalized and not focused on “Person-Centered Care”. The problem is the size of the place! You want to reassure your loved one that they will be cared for and their physical and emotional needs will be met, but how can you be sure? Rigid schedules, forced activities, and cafeteria-style eating areas will hardly feel like home to your loved one.

At this point in your research you’ve realized that you’re running out of options but you still haven’t found a safe place for your family member to live…

Good news! There is an alternative to hospitals, nursing homes, and big senior-living communities in Atlanta! Safe Haven Senior Living is a luxurious, family-owned, senior-living home in Atlanta that provides a special combination of housing, personalized supportive services, and healthcare.

Safe Haven is not an institution; it is a person-centered care community with only six private rooms. Where hospitals, nursing homes, and big senior-living communities are facilities, Safe Haven is a household. Residents at Safe Haven Senior Living become a close-knit family and are treated with the love and respect that a cherished family member deserves.

At Safe Haven, your loved one is treated with dignity and encouraged to maintain personal independence with the support and undivided attention of the mansion’s highly trained nurses and care-givers. For a lesser price, our loved one will live in a large, private suite, enjoy beautiful living areas, and have access to high-class services and enriching activities at their fingertips! When compared to Atlanta’s hospitals, nursing homes, and big senior-living communities, Safe Haven at Lenox Park is just a better way for the person you love to enjoy The Art of Better Living.