Movement & Touch

Lifelong Enrichment

Movement and therapeutic touch are important for promoting relaxation, staying flexible & preventing depression. However, without variety and fun, exercises can become boring. At Safe Haven, assisted senior living we strive to make all our many different exercise classes and touch programs enjoyable. We also want to improve our resident’s well being through therapeutic touch programs that stimulate multiple senses. Therefore, these important items are key components to our Lifelong Enrichment Program.

Creative Opportunities

Everyone can create art. The secret is finding what medium you are really drawn to. At Safe Haven Senior Living in Atlanta, GA we help you find your inner artist by enabling you to explore a variety of mediums.

Brain Health

Studies now show that mentally stimulating activities help prevent or possibly slow Alzheimer’s or other dementia’s. This is why at Safe Haven, we offer brain stimulating activities every day.

Social Events

Socializing helps prevent isolation and depression. We believe in encouraging socializing on a daily basis. In addition, Safe Haven offers wine tasting, movie night, ice cream outings, restaurant trips, etc.