We can talk all day about how great our assisted living community is, but we think you should hear from people who have experienced first-hand how we offer an unmatched quality of care at our community.

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Bernie on His Mother’s Birthday Celebration

Our friend Arkadiy, the owner of Safe Haven at Lenox Park, where my Mom has resided for the last several months under his care with his sister, Alla Yakubova and their staff, has put together the attached video for us to enjoy.  I just received it a few moments ago. Arkadiy has captured some candid moments of my Mother and they are precious to us.  We thank him for these memories and his work to put them together for us to enjoy. The video is over the recent months and especially the Christmas Party that was so graciously presented to all the Residents by Safe Haven’s staff. My Mother was very happy at Safe Haven and you can see her joy being with her family as well as taking a few winks during the Pizza making event.

Love to all,

External Site Reviews

“Safe Haven is just that Safe!! The moment you enter these doors you feel a special security that seems to translate to the residents from the staff. When the staff engages the residents the residents affect becomes bright. The residents that I observed were happy, bright and alert. They were all active and engaged with the staff and each other. There was a spirited Bingo game as well as there were some men playing Dominos. There are movie nights, socials and they even have a Ball once a year and I understand Holidays are extra special here. There are several civic and Church organizations who have adopted this facility and the residents look forward to their visits. There are Bible Studies weekly as well as Religious groups bring Worship services each week. The menu is well planned with healthy options and the rooms are large and very clean. They facility is beautiful and cozy. There are warm touches all around. The grounds are groomed and well maintained for the resident’s enjoyment. You will rest assure knowing your loved one is in excellent hands here. I highly recommend this facility.” – Caring503902

“I work in the healthcare profession as a private contractor. My job requires me to visit numerous facilities every week. I can say, with confidence, that Safe Haven is one of the best personal care homes in Atlanta. The facilities are actual homes – beautiful homes! The staff treat the residents like members of their own family. The owners are directly involved and know each resident personally. Also, Safe Haven meets medical, social, and emotional needs of each resident with high quality care. Safe Haven has raised the bar for personal care homes everywhere! I would love for my parents to be a part of such a unique and warm environment!” – kd2bmt

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“Being a healthcare professional, I can quickly recognize ‘quality’. Safe Haven might not be a big community, but this what makes this place so unique. Attention to detail, hands on care, direct daily owners involvement, consistent staff, great food, just enough activities, and the list goes on. You don’t have to walk a mile to get to the dining room table, everything is just there. Staff is very competent dealing with geriatrics population. I would highly recommend Safe Haven anyone looking an alternative to large assisted living chains.” – Austin C.

“My grandmother lives here and they have the absolute best staff. The people here care deeply about your loved one and will go out of their way to make sure that they are comfortable and tended to.” – Eddie D.

“The two Safe Haven properties are wonderful places to consider for elders who are frail and need more one-one attention than many assisted living communities can provide. The staff are kind and caring and the environment is warm and homelike. And the owners are very involved in both places.” – Nancy K.

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“Blown away!! It feels like home for my family! So impressed with the intimate one on one care. It is a GORGEOUS community! The organic garden that residents can work/play in to grown their own fruits and veggies, I still can’t believe it.” – Jona

“The staff is knowledgeable and friendly, and the service is superb. This facility has the perfect home away from home atmosphere and look. They are caring and passionate about what they do, and genuinely strive to satisfy. You will not be disappointed!”

“Mom has been at Safe Haven for 5 years now, she moved from Renaissance on Peachtree Rd because she needed more care. We were not sure about smaller home communities, but Safe Haven proved us wrong. All of our expectations were exceeded from the start. Mom thrived immediately and we can’t be more happier!” – Crystal J.

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“My mom has been living at Safe Haven for 2.5 years now and we could not be more pleased with every aspect of it. The owners and staff are fabulous, the setting is beautiful, and she feels completely at home here. After living in four different assisted living facilities, we feel very blessed to have found Safe Haven.” – A Family Member of Current/Past Resident

“Very upscale, great staff, low turnover, amazing food, private chef for just 6 residents. Very very impressive! Wish there were more homes like that out there. Good job Safe Haven!” – An OurParents Users

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“We LOVE this personal care home! Exactly what Mother / Helen needed. Family owned and operated. Wonderful kind staff. Each resident gets the attention he/she deserves, and it makes such a big difference. Real home-cooked food, cooked right in the kitchen where everyone can see — it always smells wonderful! Residents are encouraged to socialize, exercise, play games, and do whatever they are able to do. Other facilities can change like the wind as management and staff turn over, which is what happened to us. We searched a long time and finally found Safe Haven. Mother is so much happier here! If you have a loved one looking for a personal care home, you definitely should check out Safe Haven!” – Jim Cosgrove

“I have a family member currently living at Safe Haven. She previously lived at a much larger facility. The previous place was great when she was more independent. Now that she needs more personal care, we moved her here and are very happy. It’s a small facility that really cares about the people living there. The house is beautiful and home-like. The caregivers are friendly and responsive. I definitely recommend Safe Haven to anyone.” – William McRae

“Absolutely the best. I am a traveling clinician and I have spent time in nearly every ALF, SNF in Atlanta. I get a good idea of how things really go behind the scenes and after the family is not around. It is CLEAN, the meals are made from scratch (not cafeteria style), the owners are personable and friendly, and the staff is happy, polite, and concerned. If I ever had to put MY family member in Assisted Living, this is where I would take them.” – Anna Stromquist

“We were tired of dealing with big institution type facilities. The care just wasn’t there, the food wasn’t good and the staff turnover was very high. My mom has early onsets of dementia and thank God, one of the doctors at Emory recommended Safe Haven. After being on a wait list a few months, a room finally opened up. To date, mother has been at Safe Haven for 3 years and loves it. They have an open door policy, families and kids are always welcomed. It’s a smaller environment where dementia residents really thrive. Food is just great, activities are just enough. Residents are not intimidated by being in a small, family type community, as some were at bigger places I would encourage everyone who has a parent or a loved one that needs more care than what is currently being provided elsewhere to at least visit Safe Haven. They hardly ever have vacancies, but it’s worth a wait.” – Francisco Estrada

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Other Testimonials

Testimonial #1

Dear Arkadiy (Safe Haven) ,

It has been some time since my father resided at Safe Haven and I feel compelled to send you a short note of appreciation for the services you provided. As you know, my father moved from another facility because I felt like he could receive better care. He expressed a sense of comfort at Safe Haven he had previously not known. The three things that meant the most to him are as follows: 1) He could ring for help and someone would be there to assist him almost immediately. 2) The cooking was high quality and personalized to his taste. 3) There was a sense of caring; in his words “Everyone loves everyone around here.” I feel certain that your direct involvement in the day to day operation of the business has made the difference. I remain very appreciative for all that Safe Haven did for my father during his stay there.

All the very best,
Gregory Reinhardt

Testimonial #2

Joel Weiss:

So as not to flood this missive with pap and drama, these few quotes are from today… “I want to stay here!”  “The people are so nice and the food is delicious!”  “I love it… because there are people here and you are here!”

Testimonial #3

Joel Weiss: (His Second Testimonial)

Arkadiy Yakubov and his sister Alla were looking for a care facility suitable for their aging grandmother.  They found the majority of “places” in Atlanta for one reason or another did not suit their needs, so Arkadiy decided to build one close to his house that would be a perfect fit.  They are small and their focus is that all care and interaction with the residents is on a “personal” basis.  They don’t advertise, Arkadiy developed a concept of what he believed a care facility should be like to be suitable for his grandmother.  Arkadiy refined his new concept ensuring the facility was legal, doable, and certifiable.  Alla became schooled and certified as their first Care Giver, Safe Haven was created, and they caught Nancy’s eye.

It is listed as “Personal Care”, but it is deeper than that.  Patient’s needs came first.  When we first saw it we noticed there was no antiseptic or unpleasant smell, only the fantastic aroma of good cooking.  A wonderful professional cook is on their staff as well as six care givers.  One of Arkadiy’s hobbies is growing fresh vegetables which are used in the kitchen.  There are field trips to places like a Atlanta Aquarium and there are musicians which come periodically to entertain the patients. The facility has been built for six residents and skilled caregiver coverage is 24/7.  My mom’s room has a private bath.  The place is spotless.

Testimonial #4

Todd Haney:

To whom it may concern:

I am writing to provide the highest recommendation possible for Safe Haven at Lenox Park.  From the outset, Safe Haven provided our family great comfort as we transferred our mother into their care.  Their employees took time to find out about Mom so that they could get to know her and put her at ease.

Safe Haven was also mindful of adapting Mom’s room to her needs and desires.  Our mother loves the food prepared at the house, has enjoyed making new friends, and appreciates the spaciousness of the environment at Safe Haven.  She thinks of her caregivers as her friends and has very much enjoyed her conversations with them.

When we visit or call, the staff is always good at communicating to us about how our mother is doing and what she needs.  Our visits to Safe Haven are always positive and we often like to take our mother in her wheel chair down to the park.

They have often taken our mother to see the doctor, dentist, or get her hair done.  In short, Safe Haven has helped us tremendously.  Their services have allowed our mother to get better and have enabled our family to rest easily knowing that she is safe and in very good hands.

Todd Haney

Testimonial #5

Veronica Warren and Family:

Dear Arkadiy and Alla,

We struggled to find a place for Steve that would be right for him, trying two other places before we found Safe Haven. The other facilities were too impersonal, and the care was not right for Steve’s needs.

Safe Haven, as a small home, was just perfect. Steve became a person, not a number. He liked being able to walk out into the living room, being greeted cheerfully — and he loved the food. It was great for Steve to be involved in gardening, growing and then picking the vegetables for the residents to eat. Safe Haven was so welcoming to the family, as well, particularly the grandchildren (that’s not always the case!). The family picnics and holiday celebrations are a wonderful way to welcome family and keep residents connected.

We were lucky to find Save Haven for Steve. Your home — and it really is a home — gave him great peace and wonderful care.

Veronica Warren and family

Testimonial #6

Janice on Thanksgiving at Safe Haven Senior Living:

What a nice lunch and celebration!  Mom clearly enjoyed the activity and the food.  Tell Smoky how much we enjoyed it too. It was a day of real thanksgiving and you are very high on my list of folks for whom I am so grateful.  Thanks for all you did to make it a happy day.


Testimonial #7

Resident of 3 years

Detra, your kindness to mother and all of us has made a huge difference. You are very special to us!

Arkadiy, mother is very fond of you. We are very grateful for your kindness to her and to us. Safe Haven is a huge blessing for all of us.

Thank you for your kindness to Helen and our family, and for making such a wonderful home for her!

-Jim and Krista

Testimonial #8

Kathy on decisions.


Thank you for talking to me about Safe Haven and David’s mother. You were very kind and
generous with your time. We’re still wrestling with making the right decision for Alice, and as
you know, it’s never easy. Congratulations on all the good work you are doing. At the end of the day (as they say), you will not regret leaving the Wall Street world for the Alzheimer’s Caregiver world. You are making a difference in many lives!


Testimonial #9

Lori thanks the Safe Haven staff.

Arkadiy and Alla,

How absolutely sweet that you made that video for Josephine.  Thank you both so much for caring for our grandmother – you offered her a safe, peaceful, kind place to finish out her last year.  We cannot thank you, our your nursing staff enough. We know that she had good days and bad, and the bad ones were not always easy. But you hung in there for her compassionately and gently, and for that we will always be grateful.

Please share this with the nurses and staff who cared for her this last year as well.

All the best,

Lori (Josephine’s grandaughter)

Testimonial #10

A special thanks.

Wow!  I just watched this beautiful presentation and it brought tears to my eyes!  This is so well done and gives us an idea of the wonderful care and beautiful home that Jo enjoyed during her last years.  It really looks like a “family”.  You and your siblings must have felt great comfort from knowing your mother was in such caring and loving hands at Safe Haven.

Richard and I were so happy to have Jo in our lives all these years.  Such a sweet lady!!  Our thoughts and prayers are with you all during this time…..

We love you!!

Testimonial #11

We fit the mold.

Hey Alla/Arkaidy-

Miss Teenie had requested I send her a copy of my gramma’s eulogy. I attached a copy of both my eulogy and my sister’s as well. If you could print out a copy for her, I would greatly appreciate it. Anyone is welcome to read! Thanks so much for everything…you all run a wonderful establishment.

I would also like to pay a very high compliment to Detra. She is a wonderful asset to your place and is very talented at what she does. Being in the medical field, I know how hard it is to find top notch employees and Detra certainly fits that mold!

Thanks again


Testimonial #12

An amazing place.

Hello Arkadiy,

Thank you for taking the time to meet with me today and show me your home.  Safe Haven is an amazing place.  I don’t think I have ever been in a personal care home like yours.  I look forward to working with you in the near future.

If you have any questions at all, I am always available.  Thank you again.

Taylor Grout
Always Best Care Senior Services

Testimonial #13

The perfect place.

When I received a transfer to Atlanta, my first thought was “How will I find a place for Mom”.  When I heard about “Safe Haven at Lenox”, I asked my daughter to go and visit. Her call to me was “Mom, this is the perfect place for her!”  I found that to be true.  I was not happy with the thought of a traditional nursing home, or an institutional situation, and the “at home” atmosphere at Safe Haven was perfect. The house itself is beautiful, and warm and inviting.  With only 6 residents, I found that there were usually 3 caregivers if not more on duty, so the personal care she received was exceptional.  It was professional, but also loving.  I was worried about her adjustment, but I could tell from the first day that she felt comfortable and loved.   Activities were provided, home-cooked meals served, and there was never a concern about cleanliness or level of care.  Arkaidy and Alla were always accessible to answer any questions or concerns.  I came to agree with my daughter, it was the perfect place for my mother. I will always be grateful for the love and care she received in the last weeks of her life.

Major Sheila Lanier
Assistant Secretary for Personnel Designate
Atlanta, Georgia

Testimonial #14

“The search for a personal care home for my mom was both tedious and eye opening.  The options scan the spectrum from the posh to the inferior and the price differential is a staggering reality in its own right.

Having visited a number of senior living homes, we narrowed our research to facilities that offered comfort, healthy nutrition, mental stimulation, staff competency and cleanliness.  We discovered after several evaluations from these senior living facilities, that Mom was too infirm for their facilities.  After Mom and we were devastated by the rejection from the senior living facility that we thought was our final option, another door opened.  The manager of that facility recommended Safe Haven-Lenox and made the original contact with Arkadiy for us.

Just when we thought we were out of options, Safe Haven appeared and became the perfect solution for Mom’s care.  Safe Haven accepted Mom with open arms despite her illness and physical limitations.  We couldn’t believe our eyes or our luck.  Safe Haven is a beautiful facility whose atmosphere is one of a home and not an institution.  The facility has a greater staff-to-patient ratio than other facilities and the staff has an honest desire to help those in need.  Residents and their families are treated with respect and given top-notch care along with mental stimulation and exposure to the arts. The small group of residents form a tight knit community whose needs are met as a group and as individuals by the caring staff.

When we realized Mom needed constant care and couldn’t continue to live with us, we were nervous.  She always said she would never go to a nursing home.  Her family had the same outlook and attitude about nursing homes.  Safe Haven changed her mind and that of her family members who came to visit.  Safe Haven opened the eyes of many that there are good options and solutions for even the most dire of situations.  Thank you Alla, Arkadiy, and the Safe Haven community for making Mom’s last days filled with light, love, laughter, and care.”

-Fran Mohr

Testimonial #15

Mother seems to be doing very well emotionally.  You and your staff are very kind to her and are doing a great job.  It took me a long time to find you, but I’m glad I waited!  Thanks again for your kindness to my mother.

– Jim Cosgrove, JD

Testimonial #16


Thank you so much for your referral to Safe Haven.  Harry is settled there and thriving in the smaller environment and with outstanding caretakers.  The first day when we walked in, we were met by loving, caring, competent, expert staff.  This has continued to be true every day.  The third day I went to Safe Haven to see Harry, I noticed that the stress I carried in my shoulders and neck for years was gone.  And it has not returned. Safe Haven has been a miracle for me and the staff truely angels for Harry and for me.  Thank you for all of the support you have given ;me over the past year.  While many have helped,  if it had not been especially for you, Lori and Diane Bryant this past year would have been almost impossible.

Thank you again for your love and caring for older people and especially for those with dementia.  You are another one of my angels


Testimonial #17

Dear Safe Haven,

Please give my thanks to everyone for the beautiful Thanksgiving you facilitated for our loved ones and us.  The harp music was beautiful, the food outstanding.  Denise is already 5 star and she outdid herself Wednesday.  All of the staff gracefully flowed around doing their normal nurturing and care, making it seem effortless amid the celebration.  They took care of not only our loved ones, but also us.

When I arrived, the tree was being decorated.  Harry was in his wheelchair in front of the tree.  I asked him if he had put any of the decorations on.  He replied “no” but “I am telling them where to put them”!!

My deepest thanks

Testimonial #18

Jim and Neilanne Lange

My mother, Gloria Parker, lived at Safe Haven-Brookhaven from September, 2011 thru February, 2012.  In those months, she was very well cared for and treated with the utmost respect and caring.  The caregivers were skilled and professional and very attentive and had her well being and health as their top priority.  Even during periods when my mother was difficult to care for, they overcame her stubbornness and assured that she received the standard of care or better.  The atmosphere of Safe Haven was cheery and every effort was made to make the residents comfortable and made them feel like they were “at home”.  The meals were well prepared and every effort was made to serve what the residents liked to eat. Alla and Arkadiy, the owners, are extremely knowledgeable in running a personal care home and are always visable and willing to help in any way possible.  I would highly recommend Safe Haven to anyone whose loved one needs this type of care.

-Jim and Neilanne Lange

Testimonial #19

Leslie Turner

We are most grateful for the kindness shown by all the Safe Haven staff to Mom.  Regardless of her mood or need, the level of respect and care were always present.  It’s not an easy task to care for Alzheimer folks but you and the team are caring, sensitive and thoughtful.  Please extend my words of appreciation to everyone.

– Leslie Turner

Testimonial #20

Scott Taylor

We sincerely appreciate everything you guys did for my mom. Your caring team has been wonderful in every way and our family is deeply appreciative.


Testimonial #21

Chris and Craig Vance – On Waiting List for 2 months, couldn’t wait any longer! 


Unfortunately, it was so very bad at Brighton Gardens Buckhead memory care, we had to make a move in just one month of mom moving there.  Almost every time I would arrive to visit my mom, if it was not at a meal time, staff had no idea where my mom was, and someone else was almost always asleep in her room.  Brighton Gardens staff would then go look for my mom, and we would find her asleep in someone else’s room.  She never did this ever at her prior assisted living residence.  Over time, different staff told me this was common place with most of the residents, which was clearly true from what I saw, but in the beginning, we had been told by management this was not an issue at all.

From what I saw and in my opinion, staff did not provide the 2-hour toileting program we understood would be provided and paid for her to have as part of her care.  To me, it appeared they basically ignored my mom for the majority of the day, so she slept in her room or someone else’s room for the most part of the day.  Then she was up all night, and she would wander the halls, and this seemed to agitate the night staff.  Within less than 30 days, mom had two falls at Brighton Gardens.  Once she was found in the bathroom on the floor, her walker was in the dining room, and no one knew how long she had been on the floor.  Another concern was that when I was there for over 2 hours, there were times no one checked on mom.

Simple things often would not be done.  For example, mom’s food would not be cut up and often her grilled cheese sandwich would not be provided unless I came (she wastes away, so we have to ensure she gets a sandwich with her meals cut up so she will eat well).

There was one gentleman who was aggressive.  He got me twice.  One time he grabbed me so hard, it took two men to get him off of me, and one time he grabbed my finger, and I feared he was going to break it.  My husband could barely get his hands off of my finger.  One day at lunch, when this man approached us at our table, my mom whispered to me that she was afraid of him.  I saw him grab one resident hard, and she almost beat him with her cane.  A staff member told me she had seen the resident actually hit him in the head with her cane to protect herself.  Numerous staff told me this man had got them.  One nurse told my husband and me that this man broke the fingers of staff members (I don’t know if that is true, but that is what she told us).  I was told by management that this person had just become violent recently, but staff told me his violence had been going on for a long time.  I also walked in one night and he was pulling off his pajama bottoms in the main room filled with residents.

At lunch and dinner in the memory care unit, residents would take other residents’ food, drink, and silverware, often with no awareness by the staff.  A few residents would scream and curse at meal time, and the one man would grab people.  I rarely saw the head of the memory care neighborhood there, and I suspect she was out trying to run other Sunrise memory care units.  One day when she was there, I heard her being very demeaning and rude to staff.

As to the staff, many were wonderful and truly kind and good to the residents.  The issue is that there was not enough staff, the place was out of control, and staff was having to react and try to take care of too many residents, things, and issues.  Some staff were not appropriate, but that was rare.  I heard one young man who wasn’t often in the memory unit tell a resident, when she asked if he would like to go with her, “Hell no, I’m not going with you.”  With this said, again, the primary male staff and most of the staff were wonderful, caring people.  They just didn’t have a chance because the place was understaffed in my opinion.  As to night staff, I wasn’t there during the middle of the night, but I had my concerns.  I came once late with Craig and heard talk to a resident I found inappropriate.  When I was leaving one evening from visiting mom, she did not want me to go.  So I sat back down.  She was trying to tell me something so badly, but she just couldn’t get it out, yet she said one word, “pinch.” One lady who would visit mom did tell me she saw staff one time try to get mom out of bed by manhandling her, which is improper and not even necessary with mom, as she will comply if you are just nice and give her a few minutes to process.

Brighton Gardens was also a train wreck when it came to the hospice it recommended.  Over the years, we had always had wonderful hospice help and support.  This changed, however, with Brighton Garden’s recommended hospice.  The first hospice was basically missing in action, and when they did show, they would come in the morning one day, afternoon the next time, and in the evening the third time.  They also rarely communicated with me, so I had no idea what they were doing when.  They left a book in my mom’s room with identifying information of other patients, but I never saw the staff, and one time, they could not even get mom something to stop her diarrhea for two days.  Because of these issues, Brighton Gardens recommended a different hospice, one it routinely uses, and what my husband and I saw was a hospice that appeared to be working for Brighton Gardens.  Despite the fact I have a medical POA for my mom and am her daughter and attorney, the nurse took mom’s blood without asking me, much less my permission, and she didn’t even tell me.  She was also supposed to wait to put my mom on medicine until the blood work came back, and Brighton Gardens assured me that would happen, but it did not.  This nurse also agitated my mom.  I’ve truly never seen anything like it.  The nurse decided to put my mom on numerous different medications and would have done so if I had not dropped by one morning to check on mom.  Hospice also insisted my mom had to be put on Depakote so she would sleep through the night.  The nurse alleged my sweet, quite, keep to herself mom was being “combative” and hitting staff.  When I checked on this, staff and the facility nurse all assured me this was not so.   Craig researched Depakote, and Abbott Labs had to pay $1.5 billion last year to resolve criminal and civil issues for marketing Depakote for elderly dementia patients.  It appears it knocks the elderly out, and this way nursing homes can lower staff (and they can also evade OBRA by using Depakote).   Before my mom moved into Brighton Gardens, I told management that if you will keep her up during the day, she will sleep during the night.  I’ve been involved with my mom’s care since 2002.  She did not need medication.  She needed a routine and being awake during the day, and while I was told this would happen, it never did to my knowledge.

To add to the horrific nightmare of Brighton Gardens, it is my and Craig’s unwavering belief that Brighton Gardens intentionally lied to us before we moved mom in and throughout her stay there.

I thought you might like to know how your “corporate” competition is doing in a “memory care neighborhood.”  We wanted so much for Brighton Gardens to work out.  After we realized what we had gotten into, we realized your homes with your staff and caring oversight was what mom needed, but we just couldn’t wait –  it was truly that terrible for my mom.

Now mom is back in Augusta at a personal care home very similar to yours, and it is the most wonderful thing that has happened to mom in a long time.  In a home environment, my mom is so comfortable and happy, and she is truly less confused.  The staff there is like yours, kind and caring.  Mom is happy, and she is no longer anxious, as Brighton Gardens had caused her to be.  Like at your care home, where mom is, staff really takes her to the bathroom every two hours (or more if she asks), she sleeps throughout the night, and she gets a bath every day.   The food, like yours, is catered to the residents and delicious, and there is a routine.

As a child of a parent with dementia, I have been down this long road for many years, and I can tell you that I wish someone had told me this long ago – find a wonderful personal care home and make it your mom’s home.  This would have saved my mom and her children from some very bad issues.

In closing, Craig and I want to thank you for your genuine concern for my mom.  We so wanted mom to live in Safe Haven, but we knew it was a matter of time, and we just couldn’t wait – it was truly that bad at Brighton Gardens.  If my mom’s new home ever closes due to the owner no longer being in the business, you will be the first person we will call.

If you wish to share this with other children of elderly parents.  The above are my opinions.

-Chris E. Vance, P.C.

Testimonial #22

Maria De La Guardia, Eldercare Advisor

After working with Safe Haven for the last 5 years, I am very pleased to provide these homes an excellent testimonial. Over the years, a number of elders and their families have selected Safe Haven for a variety of reasons including their highest standards for personalized care, open and frequent communication and of course the beautiful and warm environment. Because Safe Haven is small they can really cater to the particular needs and interests of residents. Food is a very important part of ones later years and Safe Haven makes great efforts to cater to individual palates and special diets and all meals are Chef-prepared. Activities are geared to the individual residents interests and include group exercise and all types of group or one to one activities from arts and crafts to puzzles to outings. A small home like environment suits many elders because it is so much like being in their own home. I never hesitate to introduce families and elders to Safe Haven because I know that Safe Haven does all they can to provide the best care and highest personalized service possible to their residents.

Testimonial #23

Resident of 3.5 years

My Mom has lived at Safe Haven for three and a half years. Her care there has been consistently excellent. The staff is very caring, responsible and skilled. The attention to detail of individual needs is impressive. I enjoy visiting; it a wonderful home for her. I recommend Safe Haven with enthusiasm and without reservation.


Testimonial #24

Alla and Arkadiy,

I want to thank you both for the voice and written messages you have left me. They matter a lot – thank you for your thoughtfulness and connection.  One of the saddest things about a death is the suddenness with which all relationships change, and in mom’s case, with all of you.  Although we were able to say goodbye to Detra and Chandra, please share our goodbyes with Annette, Tracy, Elizabeth and the others.

All of Robin Andrew’s glowing recommendations about what an incredible place Safe Haven was were indeed the case!  Your staff is professional, capable and compassionate.  Their care for Mimi (and the others of course) was to a person, gentle and loving and respectful, so much more notable because by the time Mimi came to you, she had little of herself left, and caregiving when you don’t know someone to start with and who is unable to give much/anything back is truly extraordinary.  Your caregivers, and the leadership and training you have provided them, are exemplary.

I imagine that you do continuing education or have staff meetings where all of your Brookhaven staff is present on occasion?? Would it be possible for you to let me know when one of those meetings occur so that I might bring you lunch or dinner or breakfast, according to the time of day your meeting is scheduled for?  Please let me know.

With gratitude for your presence and support during this last part of Mimi’s journey,

-Beth Vogel, RN

Testimonial #25

I can’t thank you enough for the wonderful care you and your staff have extended to my mother. The communication is excellent. I couldn’t believe that when I saw her the other day, she was actually looking at a book. I haven’t seen that in years.

I feel for the first time that there is actually a team working together to care for my mother.

My mother being at safe haven has brought so much peace to me.

De has been awesome to coordinate care for my mother. She is such a great asset. She totally keeps me informed and we think alike regarding care for my mother.

I sing your praises to everyone. I can’t say enough good things.